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Certification and Compliance Reporting System

Vendor Registration & New Certification

The process to apply for certification with the City of Cleveland involves 2 steps:

Step 1: Create an account in our system.

Step 2: Fill in and submit an electronic application.

Please fill in the information below. The registration process takes only a couple of minutes, and all information can be updated at any time after registration. You will then be automatically directed to the start of the certification application form.

Important Note: If you received any form of notice from the City of Cleveland regarding this system, an account may have been pre-configured for you. Please look up your business to see if an account already exists. You can also check with Customer Service before registering to check for an existing account. If you are currently certified then your firm is already in the system.

If you have questions about this registration process or need more information, please contact Customer Service.

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Section 1: Business Lookup
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Section 2: Business Information
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Section 3: Business Contact Information
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Office of Equal Opportunity
Melissa K. Burrows
Chief of Public Affairs
601 Lakeside Ave, Room 335
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.4152
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Mission Statement

To advance equal economic benefit for all Clevelanders by ensuring compliance with contractor goals and requirements, by providing development and support activity for target groups, and by overall advocacy, with a commitment to excellent public service.

- Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity
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